UNIC Reverse Shoulder Course

In the educational purpose to combine the surgical expertise of the users with the quality of its products, EVOLUTIS organizes regularly a course in the laboratory of anatomy of Tours, on the theme of the indications and surgical technique of the Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty.

The educational workshop is held either at the Jean Rabelais Medical University in Tours, or at the Fer à Moulin School for Surgery in Paris.

Groups up to 7 participants are accepted. The learners admitted to the Surgical School Department assist to a full TSR surgery procedure on cadaveric anatomic pieces. They will be explained the pros and cons of the different surgical approaches, and they will learn the use of anatomic reference points. Later on, each participant will be offered the possibility to acheive a full surgery on his own under the supervision of Didier Oudet, and the assistance of Evolutis's technical staff.

Following sessions:

  • May 6th, 2015, in Tours

For any further information and subscription, please e-mail us at evolutis@evolutis42.com.