Captiv® DM

Originally created in the mid 70’s by Professor Gilles BOUSQUET in St Etienne (France), the dual articulation acetabular socket rationale has kept improving since then, and offers nowadays a comprehensive solution to intra-prosthetic dislocation.

Indicated for primary arthritis patients above 70 years old, for femoral neck fractures whenever the patient is valid and active, for any patient presenting an important hip joint laxity, for patients with irrational behaviour, and for most hip revision cases, the dual mobility concept combines a high level of protection against dislocation and a controled and well documented polyethylene wear rate.


CAPTIV DM is available in 2 versions :

  • press-fit only, including an equatorial over-sizing macrostructure with 3 sets of anchoring teeth
  • press-fit and dome spikes aimed at increasing the primary stability of the shell

Both versions have a dual coating of porous titanium and hydroxyapatite.

The liners, manufactured in mediumly crosslinked polyethylene (PEXEL), provide a positive excentration to the femoral head. This principle which consists in offseting the center of rotation of the femoral head from that of the liner, limit the contact and wear at the “third articulation” level: between the prosthetic neck and the inner lip of the liner. The positive excentration mechanism forces the liner to remain perpendicular to the femoral neck axis as soons as the body weight is applied through the joint and to the lower limb.

The liners are available for all sizes of cup in inner diameters 22.2 and 28mm. Optionally a ceramic sandwich liner, in clinical use for more than 5 years, is also available.

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