The concept OPAL was designed more than 15 years ago to provide a solution to the latest requirements of the patients and their surgeons in term of comfort, reduction of the complications, reproducibility of the articular physiology, and longevity of the arthroplasty.

The concept of the anatomical implant is meant to optimize the metaphyso-epiphysar contact area and to reduce proportionally the peri-prosthtic osseous remodelling.

The body of the implant is more naturally stable against subsidence and rotation, and its “optimal” indexation in the femoral epiphysis positions automatically the prosthetic neck in a natural plan of retroversion.

OPALE is only intended for use without cement.

The implant is made in titanium alloy and is proximally coated with porous titanium and hydroxyapatite.


The standard implant is available in 6 right sizes and 6 left sizes, with and without collar.

Standard OPALE presents a fixed neck length of 36.5mm whatever is the size of the implant.

  • implant designed for a purely metaphyseal anchoring
  • conventionnal cervical height and angle of resection of 45 °
  • femoral preparation in the axis of the femur with compacting rasps compatible with the anterior, anterolateral and posterior surgical approaches
  • micro-grooved and short 12/14 taper suitable with metal and ceramic heads

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