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EVOCEM bone cement

Acrylic bone cement for an immediate stability of the articular implants

EvoCem is a bi-component fast-curing acrylic bone cement indicated for the immediate fixation of cemented articular implants in metal or in polyethylene.

The specific formula of EvoCem based on a low polymere to monomere ratio provides the following advantages:

  • Shorter mixing and waiting phases to the benefit of the application phase
  • faster final setting
  • lower toxic monomere gaz emission
  • reduction of exothermic reaction at setting point

EvoCem is available in both standard (EvoCem 1) and low viscosity (EvoCem 3), and in pure PMMA version or with antibiotics (EvoCem G1 et G3). The antibiotic versions are indicated for the fixing of revision prosthesis, for treating local septic regions or for septic revision of prosthesis, and for patients presenting an infectious risk. 

Each 40g dose of antibiotic cement contents the equivalent of 1gr of gentamicin base in sulphate form. This dosing provides a local concentration of antibiotics superior to the Minimal Inhibitory Concentration with a flash release as early as the first hours of implantation, and a longer progressive release on a multiple weeks period.


EvoCem product brochure

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