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The legacy of the Charnley-Kerboull experience

The EMERGENCE cemented femoral stem has been designed following the Charnley-Kerboull experience.

EVOLUTIS wished to simplify its use on a everyday basis and changed the original neck management system (combination of length and intra-medullar volume) to a more simple homothetic neck length system: each of the 7 stem sizes has its own neck length. The neck increment between each stem equals to 2mm. 


  • shiny-polished surface finish
  • quadrangular section
  • V-shaped intra-medullar geometry
  • symetric distal tip (no bevel edge)
  • large collar
  • high nitrogen content stainless steel material
  • narrow neck and 10/12 taper
  • 128° neck-shaft angle
  • metal (22.2 & 28mm) or alumina ceramic (28 & 32mm) femoral heads


EMERGENCE dimensions table

image gauche