Nail-O-Flex distal radius nail

Flexible distal radius nailing system

Indicated for distal radius fractures, the Nail O Flex intramedullar flexible nail is an efficient per-cutaneous alternative to plates and wires.

The system includes an internal fixator to reduce and stabilize the fracture, and is associated with a flexible proximal nail stabilizing itself into the diaphysis. This percutaneous approach system, and with the help of a C-arm, enables an easy and reproducible technique to both restore the radial lenght and version -radio-ulnar index) and reduce the posterior compression chambers.

  • targeting jig very easy to use and accurate designed for percutaneous approach
  • reduction, stabilisation and locking of fracture fragments with up to 4 (max) 2.3mm screws
  • easy post-op recovery period
  • 3 years of clinical experience
  • radio-ulnar index good and excellent in 87,5% of cases
  • no tendinous lesion, no septical complication
  • shorter return to activity period

View the video of surgical technique :


Nail-O-Flex targeting jig                C-arm control of reduction and synthesis


Nail-O-Flex instrument set

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